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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Crazy Frogs and Mice

This morning I was driving in East Jerusalem and listening to nostalgic hits of the 80s on the radio, when all of a sudden they interrupted the broadcast with breaking news. Apparently there was a recount in the recent Palestinian elections. Hamas had not won, as previously thought. Instead the Crazy Frog had achieved a sudden surprise victory!!!

Things are just going from bad to worse.

When I reached the office everyone was discussing the implications. Would they now be required by law to listen to irritation, meaningless music 24 hours a day? Would great artists like Queen find their records being burned in public squares? Does anyone even listen to vinyl anymore?

There was more bad news. When I got home later on, I headed to the chocolate cupboard for comfort food only to discover that the mice had got there first. My Cadbury's collection was all gnawed through. They hadn't even had the decency to leave me one Dairy Milk Crunchie.

Life sucks. But on the plus side – at least I am not in Birmingham.

From the Purple Parrotty.


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